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Will all my trades Make Money?

All trades since site inception are listed in the archives link for you to review.

We make every effort to control losses to below 3% using options.

On rare occasions, however we take losses of 3% to preserve capital.

Most trade winners result in very large wins, so with our money management skills Smart Money Option enjoys unprecedented returns.

Do I have a free trial period?

Smart Money Option does not offer a free trail period.

We want to avoid situations where our recommendations can affect stock option movements.

This requires that we limit the number of clients to preserve site performance.

We post all closed trades in our daily news letters to enable new clients to view our trading results.

Do you give training on options trading?

No, we do not act as teachers on the subject.

However our staff are more than happy to help clients with understanding options activity.

Please note that the Contact Form is received by our secretarial staff and is only for client questions.

How are updates and recommendations made?

Buy and sell recommendations are posted on the Alerts page of the site.

You will also receive an email alert for any specific buy or sell order.

Stock, Commentary and other updates are made on an as-needed basis on the site with email alerts also sent to clients.

How will I know when trades are placed?

Each and every trade can be viewed in the client area.

All trades are time coded and posted on the client accounts, giving full transparency on a daily basis.

Do you recommend short trades?

Stocks go down as well as up and we have no problem being short or long.

By using options, we trade both sides of the market.

Are Options safe?

Option are the safer way of trading. Please read the case example below:

John wants to buy 100 shares of XYZ at $50.00 a share and he calls his broker and places an order to buy the stock at $50.00 .

The order is filled and John parts with $5,000.

Two days later some bad news comes out regarding XYZ and the stock falls sharply.

John calls his broker to find out what price the stock is now trading at and unfortunately the stock is now at $41.00 a share John sells quickly and takes a loss of $9,000 plus commissions.

If John had bought 10 CALL option contracts (controlling the same number of shares) 1,000 and paid $150.00 a contract his total downside risk would be $1500 no matter how far the stock fell.

John could have controlled the same amount of stock for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the risk.

How many alerts are issued each week?

The number of trades vary depending on opportunities in the market. In general, between 2-6 alerts per week are traded.

These alerts are not distributed evenly throughout the week.

Two alerts may be issued the same day, then no alerts for a few days, etc.

In addition, alerts issued may be for new or existing trades.

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